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The actors’ play beyond performance

...and why it’s rare to spot them crumble in the act

That Time I Got Shot With A Guillotine Gun, And Lived To Tell The Tale is currently on WebNovel

Finding THE right digital medium for reading manga

I've been exploring options how to get into japanese comics. What tablets and apps are available? How much does it cost to get a good digital manga experience?

Real Life Heroes

Trail Xtosín

reseña da participación no evento


Last Week Home

Trying to wrap my mind around this upcoming move

2019 Thai Elections

An expat takes a short look at Thailand's first election one in 8 years.

Sins of omission

When the doubts are too strong, humans default to doing nothing. Sometimes, that's the worst possible choice.

Best Practices For Growing And Maintaining Chia Pet Hair For Unruly Robot People

Words Of Caution

La fin du monde

Attends… Quel jour on est ?

La luce di Singapore

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Tetsing funkwhale embedding

Another test


Hey hey


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