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[Alors on regarde ?] Chernobyl

Read: Animorphs 6 & 7

This is terrible and I love it

Yunohost o l'auto-hosting a portata di mano ...

Tutto quello che c'è da sapere per fare l'auto-hosting con Yunohost, una distribuzione GNU/Linux

A Viñeta de Schrödinger

revista de banda deseñada

I'm no expert, but

What if the COSCO Guangzhou was nuclear?

Blog post, week 25

Teambuilding exercises

nothing brings a team together like the hatred for teambuilding exercises

Alligator's Snack

Algo nuevo por ahí?

I hate to be a pain, but...

A random rant about tech job interviews

or rather the complaints people have about job interviews

Hello thar...

Eating blueberry yoghurt and wondering what to do...

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Test new design

Et repudiandae asperiores ea autem. Ea quo sit qui corrupti voluptas similique molestias. Animi quia perspiciatis a dolorum. Est voluptas ut adipisci explicabo ut quia sit mollitia. Voluptatem architecto sed repellat repudiandae.

please don't boost

yes i'm testing again

encore un article

boostez pas svp sinon ça va casser mes tests

OK cette fois intérgissez avec cet article le plus possible svp

genre commentez, favez, boostez, tout ça



please ignore me

Encore un test

Please don't interact with this post

salut masto

je teste

testing federation bug

Let's test the new inbox code

Tetsing funkwhale embedding

Another test

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