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Tired right now

By aron_kristinaDecember 15, 2018aron_kristina

Verifying debian ISO signatures

By lufthansDecember 15, 2018LuftHans

reflections on suicidal tendencies

cw: this is literally just me complaining about how fucked up everything is

By alyazabirzeDecember 15, 2018Alyaza Birze

Invalid CSRF token ate my article

This is not a great start

By in_a_top_hatDecember 15, 2018in-a-top-hat

Generic first post

Hello world

By aron_kristinaDecember 15, 2018aron_kristina

Testing: Plume documentation and markdown

By L.J. cruises the fediverseDecember 15, 2018ljwrites

LibrePlanet 2018 Experience

By lufthansDecember 15, 2018LuftHans

Is this how I post??

Hopefully they make this more intuitive

By PinkstacheDecember 15, 2018How does anything WOOOOORRRRKKK!!!

Destroy the Slaughterhouse

A Call to Total Social War

By Daggers-DrawnDecember 15, 2018Nonsense Now!

An Introduction to "Homaitism"

An Extremely Basic Framework for the Propertyless Society

By alyazabirzeDecember 15, 2018Homaitist Thought


testing 123

By MattAsAKettleDecember 15, 2018ElectricKettle

ask the windy sylph

By durzadeeDecember 15, 2018ask the windy sylph

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I have a question

By anothertestDecember 13, 2018questions


Microformats were merged into Plume, but some parsers are having trouble finding user feeds

By 0x1C3B00DADecember 12, 2018Federation Testing

Plume and the IndieWeb

Bridging the Fediverse and the IndieWeb

By 0x1C3B00DADecember 10, 2018Federation Testing

Draft test

You can ignore this

By fluffyDecember 9, 2018Fluffy's tests !

Playing with Voronoi tesselations

How to make cool pictures with Python

By fluffyDecember 9, 2018Fluffy's stuff

Just some locale testing

By fluffyNovember 29, 2018Fluffy's tests !

Publishing on-line and elsewhere

By krozruch - @krozruch@eupublic.socialNovember 26, 2018Mavo English

This is a test post

By can3pNovember 25, 2018can3p

Seems to be some error loading my previous posts here.

By Liaizon Wakest's Plume AccountNovember 23, 2018helloworld

yet another test 2

By ÉcrivainNovember 20, 2018Mon blog

Réécriture de la théorie relative de la monnaie

test (copie de l'article sur mon blog pelican)

By HugoTrentesauxNovember 16, 2018h30x

Titles have better to be named in ASCII characters


By vaginaplantNovember 14, 2018Vaginaplant

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