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Another test

#Plume has reshares now, but they don’t seem to be federated. It looked like @ecrivain@baptiste.gelez.xyz used formatting in their post. Does Plume support formatting? That would be really cool! Handl…

By 0x1C3B00DA ⋅ May 25

Testing new features

There was some new features introduced in Plume these last days. I want to test them. I will write an article about them with my real account (@BaptisteGelez@baptiste.gelez.xyz) once I’m sure everythi…

By ecrivain ⋅ May 24


Hello, this is my first federated blogpost on Plume, let’s see how awesome it is!

By m4sk1n ⋅ May 17

Another post

My articles don't seem to federate. I also can't follow my #plume account from my #pleroma account, 0x1C3B00DA@edolas.world. Are hashtags supported? Are usernames in posts displayed as links?

By 0x1C3B00DA ⋅ May 17

Test Article

This is a test

By 0x1C3B00DA ⋅ May 16