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Test form

soooo sooo ssoooo ssssooooo seseses

By freemo ⋅ July 15

Macedonia for Macedonian's

Macedonia for Macedonian's

By Ненад ⋅ July 13

2nd Test

Testing again for federation

By ArtikBanana ⋅ July 12

A Test

Testing federation with my Pleroma instance!

By ArtikBanana ⋅ July 12

test for mentions

This should be federated even if I mention someone @BaptisteGelez (but the mention itself is still broken :sob: (and emojis are not working yet))

By ecrivain ⋅ July 11

This Month in Plume: June 2018

It has been one month since the last "This Month in Plume" article, so it is time for another edition of our monthly changelog! Bug Fixes and Security Let's start with the hidden, but still (very) imp…

By Baptiste Gelez ⋅ July 10