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This Month in Plume: June 2018

It has been one month since the last "This Month in Plume" article, so it is time for another edition of our monthly changelog! Bug Fixes and Security Let's start with the hidden, but still (very) imp…

By Baptiste Gelez ⋅ July 10

This month in Plume: May 2018

I would like to regularly post updates about Plume’s development, and I think publishing a summary by month is a good rhythm. So here is the first “This month in Plume”, for the month of May 2018. Fir…

By Baptiste Gelez ⋅ June 10

Making Plume Nicer

I started working on a nicer interface for Plume. I'm not designer so it is not perfect, and there is a lot to do (I don't even know if it behaves correctly on mobile for example), but it is a start, …

By Baptiste Gelez ⋅ May 10