Elza (Plume) Elza



:nonbinary_flag:​ :anarchy: @nonbinaryanargeek@social.unanargeek.xyz

Djyp ⭐ @Djyp@toot.plus.yt

Fediverse enthusiast/Canadian+French developer

Trying to toot mostly in EN but also FR NO EO

Mon chat c'est le plus beau
🏳️‍🌈 :qc:

FDB_hiroshima @FDB_hiroshima@fediverse.blog

Plume developer

jade @jade@soc.punktrash.club

probably more neg and bad jokes than lewd 🤷
pronouns : elle/they
main : @a000d4f7a91939d0e71df1646d7a48@anticapitalist.party

˗ˏˋ Liaizon Wakest ˎˊ˗ @liaizon@social.wake.st

I am but a single particle
moved from @wakest to here

Federation Bot @federationbot@mastodon.host

Hello, I am mastodon.host official semi bot.

Follow me if you want to have some updates on the view of the fediverse from here ( I only post unlisted ).

I also randomly boost one of my followers toot every hour !

If you don't feel confortable with me following you, tell me: unfollow and I'll do it :)

If you want me to follow you, just tell me follow !

If you want automatic follow for new users on your instance and you are an instance admin, contact me !

Other commands are private :)

Gled @gled@soteria.mastodon.host

Personal account, the main gled@mastodon,host is mostly admin stuff from now on.

Eragon @Eragon@catlife.drycat.fr

I'm a dragon

Ana @Elza@soc.punktrash.club

Je fais des test pour Plume surtout (bon en vrai Pleroma c'est kool donc je crois que je vais m'installer)

Pas la peine de demander à follow si on s'est jamais parlé avant, déso

derle@framapiaf.org @derle@framapiaf.org

Libriste libertaire

hellekin @how@ps.s10y.eu

Nomadic raver, interstitial resistor, infinitesimal shifter, peripheral vision, etc.

Annoying troublemaker with fast autofocus and terapixel resolution.

semibot@greenlifeplus.net @semibot@greenlifeplus.net