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i'm testing again, because we changed the way we federate articles and i wanted to see if it broke everything

By Écrivain ⋅ September 9 ⋅ Mon blog

Are mentions fixed?

Normally tags and mentions are correctly federated again @Bat@social.wxcafe.net

By Écrivain ⋅ September 7 ⋅ Mon blog

Yet another test

That's the only think I do with this account, anyway. This time I want to see if mentions are federated correctly, @Bat@social.wxcafe.net Is it working? Because I think I introduced a bug.

By Écrivain ⋅ September 7 ⋅ Mon blog

Les tags

Comment est-ce qu'ils s'affichent dans Masto ?

By Écrivain ⋅ September 6 ⋅ Mon blog

On a des sous-titres

Voyons voir comment ça fédère

By Écrivain ⋅ September 4 ⋅ Mon blog

ça va SUPER vite

parce que c'est envoyé en arrière plan maintenant

By Écrivain ⋅ July 26 ⋅ Mon blog