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Testing new features

There was some new features introduced in Plume these last days. I want to test them. I will write an article about them with my real account ( once I’m sure everythi…

By ecrivain ⋅ May 24

Koukou Marsxyz

Est-ce que Pleroma peut afficher ça ? Ça serait kool.

By ecrivain ⋅ May 13

Plume development: comments are coming

Comments are coming to Plume. You can normally comment with your Plume account, using the link under any post, but also with you Mastodon account for instance, by responding to the message that appear…

By ecrivain ⋅ May 10

Hello Mastodon, I'm a Plume post

Hey hey, how are you tooters?

By ecrivain ⋅ May 8