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Technical stacks I like

Linux Debian Gnome JavaScript NPM,yarn React React-native Ignite

By idlesong ⋅ November 2 ⋅ technology

NS switch Games

NS games and consoles

By idlesong ⋅ November 2 ⋅ Colorful life

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why I'm blogging here

By sehqlr ⋅ November 7 ⋅ Practice Makes Practice

My Monthly Financial Contributions to Open Culture Projects

Are you supporting any people or projects though recurring payment platforms? If so tell me about them. I am supporting 8 projects through monthly donations of $1 or $2 on Open Collective and Patreon …

By Liaizon Wakest ⋅ July 16 ⋅ helloworld

Spotlight: Hammond, a podcast application for GNOME written in Rust

Have you been looking for a good podcast client that's simple, fast, and pretty? Jordan Petridis ( has got you covered. Hammond is a podcast client for the GNOME desktop wri…

By Christopher Davis ⋅ June 28 ⋅ Liberation Technology

This month in Plume: May 2018

I would like to regularly post updates about Plume’s development, and I think publishing a summary by month is a good rhythm. So here is the first “This month in Plume”, for the month of May 2018. Fir…

By Baptiste Gelez ⋅ June 10 ⋅ Plume Development

Another test

#Plume has reshares now, but they don’t seem to be federated. It looked like used formatting in their post. Does Plume support formatting? That would be really cool! Handl…

By 0x1C3B00DA ⋅ May 25 ⋅ Federation Testing