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Titles have better to be named in ASCII characters


By vaginaplant ⋅ November 14 ⋅ Vaginaplant

David Blue, Federated

A directory of all my Fediverse accounts

By davidblue ⋅ November 13 ⋅ Bilge

Title of the article

This is a summary of the article

By Alex L ⋅ November 13 ⋅ Blog



By testaendrew ⋅ November 12 ⋅ test12345678

difficult second post

Just a test now that I am following from my Mastodon account. This is a long post to see what happens when it breaches the 500 char limit on Mastodon. What is Lorem Ipsum? Lor…

By andyc ⋅ November 9 ⋅ Viva la Federation !

hello world

Interested to see what a federated blog looks like. Does it automatically propagate to Mastodon/any AP platform ? Does it process replies on Mastodon as comments on the blog ?

By andyc ⋅ November 9 ⋅ Viva la Federation !



By matt ⋅ November 9 ⋅ Matt test

Just seeing what this is all about

Sorry everyone

By matt ⋅ November 9 ⋅ Matt test


why I'm blogging here

By sehqlr ⋅ November 7 ⋅ Practice Makes Practice

Rebuilding Piano Ties

After greater alienation from the piano than I'd ever before experienced, revitalizing our relationship should produce valuable insights.

By davidblue ⋅ November 5 ⋅ Bilge

Technical stacks I like

Linux Debian Gnome JavaScript NPM,yarn React React-native Ignite

By idlesong ⋅ November 2 ⋅ technology

NS switch Games

NS games and consoles

By idlesong ⋅ November 2 ⋅ Colorful life