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David Blue, Federated

A directory of all my Fediverse accounts

By davidblueNovember 13, 2018Bilge

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By Alex LNovember 13, 2018Blog



By testaendrewNovember 12, 2018test12345678

difficult second post

By andycNovember 9, 2018Viva la Federation !

hello world

By andycNovember 9, 2018Viva la Federation !



By mattNovember 9, 2018Matt test

Just seeing what this is all about

Sorry everyone

By mattNovember 9, 2018Matt test


why I'm blogging here

By sehqlrNovember 7, 2018Practice Makes Practice

Rebuilding Piano Ties

After greater alienation from the piano than I'd ever before experienced, revitalizing our relationship should produce valuable insights.

By davidblueNovember 5, 2018Bilge

Technical stacks I like

By idlesongNovember 2, 2018technology

NS switch Games

NS games and consoles

By idlesongNovember 2, 2018Colorful life

Rust Nightly, Travis CI and Code Coverage

How to setup test a Rust Nightly project with a workspace in Travis CI and collect coverage information with kcov and Codecov

By Baptiste GelezNovember 1, 2018Rust