This Change Has Been A Thing For A While

Or why it's better to go it alone, then go with a web comics guild.

I've been increasingly losing interest in web comic syndication websites and groups for a while, just anyway.

But the past few days, finally culminating in yesterday, has left me with this one big idea: I honestly feel like I could be more productive going at web comics on my own, than belonging to a group where you're not even allowed to discuss politics.

Most of these people, I would not have otherwise hang out with, besides maybe one of them. The group was kind of dead and barely active anyway ever since their forum went down, which is now under very different management, which is woefully under qualified to moderate for the website. And this is the underlying problems with hierarchical community management in general.

Whenever there is a specific hierarchical structure, especially on unfree code forum replacements like slack and discord, admins get inflated egos and lose accountability. Even in this new group I'm in that's somewhat replaced Discord in my mind, I'm semi-considering, but I'll have to talk it over with a fellow leftist buddy on there, whether it might be worth making everyone be an admin.

I feel like communities, especially creative communities, can be managed better when people aren't constantly at each other's throats. In this one I left, I kid you not, the dynamic was as follows:

  1. I'm creating a constructed language.
  2. Ah, for what purpose. What do you think you'd need to do that?
  3. I just like building constructed languages.
  4. Very rarely do constructed languages enhance the quality of a book.
  5. Well, do you know this, or are you generalizing?

Very rarely do these people actually have an answer for me, they just want to make general sweeping statements, and tends to flow more like verbal diarrhea than anything sensible. I think absence from this group will end up helping me more than it helps them.

This is why I simply cannot recommend web comic guilds, especially if they have a hierarchal structure attached.

This very rarely ends up existing to the creators benefit.