Why Graphical Quality Isn't Everything

You have these people using feminist arguments for why modern video games suck. But lets be honest here: Modern games suck for more reasons than disrespecting women. There is also a lot more to gaming than whether one female gamer has been properly depicted Anna.

For one thing, back in the day, it was actually possible to empathize with a character because they were largely just mixture of pixels. Games were not trying to making every single human super well defined, even the men were basically blobs of pixels.

And yet for me, as a trans woman, I was able to have far more of a connection for characters in 2D games, than what any 3D hyper realistic game could ever possibly achieve. But as a trans women, I get excluded from these kinds of conversations.

If you thought outside the context of cinema, and thought more in terms of player experience, you might actually see this. It seems like whenever people talk about how toxic games are to women, they seem to forget how many women/girls play Japanese Role Playing Games.

Maybe because traditionally, there wasn't this political bullshit shitstorm, there was just this story, and that's it. Final Fantasy used to be an excellent example of this, before they had to go entirely 3D, and focus on making the graphics look amazing.

Even to this day, it seems like when the United States talks about games, they almost always exclude JRPGs. You're only seeing part of the picture, if you only talk about WRPGs.

What I ask for people that want to talk about games, please actually have a conversation about games. I'm not interested in a political discussion, because until recently, video games have had almost nothing to do with the political sphere.